आज वही मासूमियत से मुलाकात हुई,
अब वो रोज़ रोज़ तो नहीं मिलती,
लेकिन माज़ी को याद
कर लेता हूँ कभी कभी।

अभी कल ही की बात हैं,
मिलते ही बोली,
“कहाँ थे इतने दिन?”
“यहाँ कैसे, अच्छा ये सब छोड़ो,
और अब कहाँ?”

कितने बदल गए ये दिन ये रात,
कितने बदल गए सब, और तुम।
हाँ तुम, मासूमियत तो वही हैं,
उस बस स्टॉप से इस शाम तक।

बे-आबरू हो कर किताबों मे,
अब नहीं मिलती
वो मोटे कागजों की कहानी,
धूल मे ढकी हुई सुस्त आँखें,
इतनी मासूम तो न थी तुम।

वहीं मिलता हूँ तुम्हें मैं,
मासूम लफ्जों मे, बे-सब्र इत्तेफाकों में,
और तुम माज़ी में ही ढूँढते रहे,
“अब कुछ कहो भी,
कहाँ थे तुम इतने दिनों तक?”


I saw You

Remember that day
We met alone,
none other but us.
Closely I didn’t see you before.

That day I catched
Every inch of dermis
You were hiding under your skin
Not that those never
blinked before
But that day I saw
how on every flip
Of time it blinked.

Heard those words
Crisp and clear
I saw how those words
Shaped around your lips
Felt that dermis
Not how they touch it,
But yes, I felt every
scare of your face.

That day remember
We met alone,
none other but us.
Closely I saw you,
Clearly, I felt everything.



“Look what I do when I read” she showed him few pages of her notebook. The notebook had pages that were written on, scratched later on. Pages were hiding something. But he smiled because he read what she hid.

“You have been a constant distraction of my studies.” She continued.

“So, none other could read, except the one you named your distraction.” He replied.


Wrapped in Words

Right under the Shades
of the Full Moon,
All Your Naked Soul shined
I wrapped You in Words.
Dare this Moon shone
through You, I make sure
You’re concealed under Me.
Right under this Full Moon,
hold on to the Dermis of Our Soul.


Comfort of Discomfort

In that warm blanket,
nothing but you touched
Every inch of the dermis.
Know the rules very well.
All you need your eyes to touch,
All I need some words to touch.
Yes, discomfort it cause to Us,
But that’s all comfort We both seek.


Far from the reality if I ever met you,
No revelation of You happen here.
A few minutes, Hours, or Days,
The tryst shouldn’t be of this number.
The smile of meeting for many lives,
That’s all need to be revealed over and over.

And so I count not the stars in the dark,
As moon there is to overshadow them.
Far the number of days I am away,
I count hugs We missed all these days.



Novellete: Breaking Up (Final)

Scene 8: The Lunch

Saturday morning 8th of June 2013, the very first thing I did, was to call her and confirm the plan. She was not a morning girl. Hence, I called a number of times when at last she conformed the lunch. I picked up a half of Teachers Whiskey and Smirnoff Vodka Green Apple, her favourite.

I knew what she likes. I knew what to cook for her. She told me once that she likes noodles with vodka. I was in a state of disarray, where heart and mind although were ready to step forward for the relationship again, but did not want to end up breaking up again. On this, I checked my wardrobe, from trousers to jeans and shirts to t-shirts. Finally, I settled with a shirt and jeans, which is what new generation Baniya’s wear.

By 12:30 in the noon, I was ready with glasses and little snacks. I played some songs on the satellite TV, and got busy cooking Dum Aloo in the kitchen. Noodles were already made.

Ding dong.. She was right on time I thought. I stopped with the Dum Aloo and rushed into drawing room. Everything was on its place; I gave cursory look to everything around. Slowly I opened the door with a smile. However, to my shock, it was Raju at door. I forgot to get soda for drinks to serve. I had called the owner of shop downstairs to send a cold drink to my home. Raju worked there, and so he got Pepsi.

Abey Raju… tu hai!” I exclaimed while opening the door. He handed over the bottle and I asked him to take the money later. I was about to close the door, when I heard her voice.

“Hi Rishh.” She greeted me. She was wearing blue top and jeans,  without any hint of makeup, but lip-gloss. Yes, I noticed her. I was limping, and she noticed it.

“Hello… Come in.” With the music in the background, we chatted for a while.

“So, what do we have the lunch?” she asked, when I was entering the kitchen.

“Surprise for you” I said. “Something you like the most.”

“Don’t tell me. Noodles and Vodka.” She caught me.

“Well, that’s what you like. But Dum Aloo as well.” I was stirring the fry pan of Dum Aloo. “I prepared all myself.”

“Really Rishh?” she was surprised. I smiled.

“Shall we start now?” I asked her. She nodded positively. I served her vodka, and made myself a peg of Scotch. With time to pass by, her smile was widening with bashfulness. I was there falling for her again seconds by seconds.

“Rishh, Can I tell you a secret?” She looked at me. We were sitting right in front of one another, on table very well organised as in any other restaurant in the drawing room.

“Is it drinks which pouring you out?” I chuckled. “Oh, I am sorry you were saying.”

“Shut up… No, I don’t have anything to tell you now.” She got angry and emptied her glass in one go.

“Geet, I am really sorry. I was just kidding dear.” We looked at each other. First, she took away her sight to avoid glaring. However, she turned to me again. Silence prevailed between us, but “asmaan hai tu mera ya hai mera khuda” sung by Ayushmann Khurana on MTV.

“Can you…” she said at last. “…kiss me?” I was startled. I stretched her hands towards me, and felt soft skin of her hands. I wanted to be easy, but she smiled again.

“You know what Rish, I had something in my mind.”

“And what was it?” and I moved to mark my impression on her smooth chicks, first on left and then right side.

“I… I never had a relationship.” With her eyes closed, she said in her smoky voice. I kept my ears open to listen to her.

“I never had a relationship after us.” She said with deep throat. That moment I could not hear anything, but her eyes. Her eyes were amorously talking, and so I replied. I do not remember what we talked. I was listening to sound of her voice and to her bashful eyes, and to the sound of her listening to my eyes.

“Why are you kissing me?” Silence lost the battle between whispers of our eyes. I slid towards her, and pushed the table between us aside. Under the dull light of the room, I closed the distance between us, gently pulling her towards me.

“Because I love you…” her eyes talked timidly. I replied it with the eyes, “I love you Geet.”

I looked down at her, with eyes dulled by the darkness of the room. Caressed her supple cheek, I lifted her chin; our noses almost touched. I felt the warmth of her breath brushing the top of my lip. Her eyes started to shut and I pressed against her lips. My lips spoke love and her spoke forever.

I could not recall the reason for the taste of her lips green apple. There were many sounds around the room; some were honking on road, some kids playing, and television to match the mood with songs of love.

“She gives me everything,
And tenderly,
The kiss my lover brings,
She brings to me,
And I love her.”
– John Lennon

The doorbell interrupted us. As we parted, I could only see her smiling with a closed-mouth. She looked so beautiful with her dimples, I could not resist enclosing the distance again, and I whisper in her ears, “I love you so much.”

“I missed you. I missed being with you.” She said. I nodded for the same. However, we stopped again because of the hard knocks on the door. I angrily opened the door, when I found Mehak Di with her shopping bags. It was 5 o’clock in the evening.

Ab kholega bhi!” she shouted. Her voice pulled me out of my World, and I opened the hasps.

“Why are you sweating? What were you doing?” She asked in same breathe.

“Nothing.” I said. “Everything is fine.” She saw Geet, and ambiance. Nevertheless, she moved to her room without saying anything more. For that day, my mind and heart did not have anything to argue or say about, but to fall for the Love.

“There is all love,
When soft coloured lips,
Of you mark on me,
And I stand amazed,
Every time on my lips,
You taste so beautiful.”
                                    – Gulfam

Note: This short story ends here. Breaking Up is a Novellete for which I wrote till it’s end. I hope you like it. Please share your views and suggestions to the story. I promise to come up with new stories and poetry.