जब तेरी मेरी उम्र हो जाएगी|

जब तेरी मेरी उम्र हो जाएगी,
मेरी आँखों पर एक मोटा चश्मा होगा,
चलने को किसी का सहारा लेना होगा,
तू वहीँ कहीं मुस्कुरा रही होगी,
तब तेरी हँसी के सहारे सवेरा जागेगा,
शाम की पलके निचे तुझसे होंगी|

जब तेरी मेरी उम्र हो जाएगी,
मैं झुर्रिओं में ज़िन्दगी को याद करूँगा,
गले को गर्म रखने की दावा लूँगा,
पर तू वहीँ कहीं बैठी होगी,
यादों को खुबसूरत तूने जो बनाया होगा,
तुझे उसका धन्यवाद भी तो करना होगा|

जब तेरी मेरी उम्र हो जाएगी,
मैं तुझे खुद में जिंदा रखूँगा,
मैं तेरे सहारे उम्र सारी काट लूँगा,
पर तू कहीं खुदा के पास होगी,
तेरा मुझे वहीँ से डांटना होगा,
पर मैं खुदा से तेरी खातिर नाराज़ रहूँगा|


The Timeless Kiss

She lay her head on his chest, feeling the warmth of their love. She looked at his beautiful eyelashes, while he slept like a baby. While closing her kohl-filled eyes, she reminisced their first kiss. It was a rainy evening. Talking with flickering eyes, they looked for a shed. A chai corner had just closed, where they managed to take shelter. She wiped herself lightly. He had pulled her close, to hold her waist; she had shrugged. He tapped her chin with his finger, as she was looking coyly towards the ground. Holding her face gently, he kissed her deeply. A plethora of emotions had crossed her heart, as he held her tight, smothering her with love. After their first kiss, she always feared to lose him; for she knew, that his loss would shatter her soul.

Opening her eyes, she silently thanked her stars to see him with her. This was their first ‘night’ together, which she would remember for years to come; just like she vividly remembered their first kiss…

Rewinding the moments of this night, she held him even more tightly. Dressed in red, Radhika was waiting in the room fragrance with flowers all around, when Rachit slyly opened the door and entered. She was fidgeting with her dupatta, when he went near, and pulled her close. She shrugged yet again. He looked into her eyes and saw the love that he had longed in a thousand years. In the dim lit room, she shyly turned her head, when he cupped her face and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

Rachit was still sleeping, and Radhika was still engulfed in the memories of the night. He was finally hers; she was complete. No longer did she fear his loss, fear that she would be broken in a way that could not mend her. Their love was witnessed this morning by hundreds; where blessings, good wishes and prayers were with them. He was with her. His kisses were with her. That first kiss on the first date and the first kiss after marriage, felt the same, the only difference being emotions. Same lips, same bodies, same soulsBut different emotions and different completeness.