खिड़की पहले भी खोलता था,
अब रोशनी छन कर नहीं आती।

कभी तन्हा सा ठंडा नहीं था,
बेचैन हो गया हैं कमरा ये।

पता नहीं कहाँ चली गई
गंद तो तुम्हारी छोड़ जाती।

पता नहीं था बिस्तर की
दो साइड होती हैं,
जाने के बाद मैं
तुम्हारी साइड पर सोता हूँ।



नशा हैं ये,
अलग और पूरा,
आंखों की पुतलियों
में जैसे सब सितारें
चमचमा जाते हो।
और वो मध्धम सा सुर,
धड़कनों को महसूस होता है।
जिस्म का हर कण
दो से एक स्वर में समा जाता है।
सांसें हम तुम की
साथ हर लह पर मचलती हो।
ऐसा होता है बॉसा,
जिससे तुम चाहते हो।



“I am coming in a minute.” He went to pick call, leaving her with a pint of beer.

A few minutes later, he couldn’t find her at the table. He looked around, and found her in smoking room.

She was lighting her cigarette, when he entered. It was dull and dark room. Pint in his hand, cigarette on her lips, he grabbed her from waist. He didn’t say a word, but she heard him. His eyes talked everything. Cupped her face in his hands, her breath kissed his breath. One, two and few pack of kisses, they aligned in one breathe.


किताब और ऐनक



कभी दादी नानी से कोई कहानी नहीं सुनी थी रचित ने। उसे नहीं पता था रात कैसे गुजर जाती हैं उनकी गोद मे सर रखते ही।

एक रात काम से लौटते हुए गुप्ता जी एक नई गुलज़ार की किताब लेके आए। मेज पर रखी किताब और ऐनक को रचित कोने से घूरता रहा।

उस रात ना वो ऐनक आँखों से उतरी, ना वो पिता के गोद मे सोया रचित।


I saw You

Remember that day
We met alone,
none other but us.
Closely I didn’t see you before.

That day I catched
Every inch of dermis
You were hiding under your skin
Not that those never
blinked before
But that day I saw
how on every flip
Of time it blinked.

Heard those words
Crisp and clear
I saw how those words
Shaped around your lips
Felt that dermis
Not how they touch it,
But yes, I felt every
scare of your face.

That day remember
We met alone,
none other but us.
Closely I saw you,
Clearly, I felt everything.


As She Walked Away

The house was completely silent. Everything was at their usual place. Latest newspaper, still unread, was on the table. Last night’s leftovers were still on the table, as were the dishes. This house has never stayed silent before. But that morning, only footsteps could be heard. Nitika was packing up everything she owned in that house. Few clothes were scattered, some pictures, and few papers too. Everything else she required, she packed in her bags. She was not saying anything, just packing. Furious she was, yet she was unusually silent. At the door, stood Kahaan, looking at her, smirking. There were some papers in his hand, along with a pen.

“That belongs to me, so it stays here.” He broke the silence when she tried to pick the photo frame from the side table. The frame had a picture of both of them. That picture was of Kerala, when they visited last year. They were hugging, in the background was a waterfall. It was a happy picture.

It angered her more. To spite him, she threw it on the floor; and picked up the book kept next to the frame. The glass of the frame shattered into many pieces. The broken glass ended his smirks and jibes. Kahaan rushed to rescue the leftovers of the photo frame, making sure that she doesn’t get hurt.

She didn’t even spare a little glance towards Kahaan, zipped her bags, picked them up and started walking towards the door.

Holding the picture, his eyes followed her, with regret. And suddenly he realized that he did not want to end their story at that point. He wanted to write new chapters. He stood up from where he was crouching over the broken pieces of glass and followed her footsteps, to stop her before it was too late.

He suddenly cried in pain and it was her name that he screamed, “Nitikaaa”. She hasn’t gone very far. she heard the pain in this voice and retraced her steps back into the room.

She found him sitting on the floor with his foot in his hands. He has pricked himself on the sharded glass. She threw her bags down, ran to the kitchen to get the first aid box.

As she was cleaning his wound, he saw her like he did before, the Nitika he fell in love with. In his hands, he was still holding the papers and the photo frame. Those were their divorce papers and one signature cannot break their relationship.

Taking a decision for both of them, he tore those papers. Nitika, who was wrapping a bandage around his wound, looked up. Shock in her eyes.

“You should not have done that.” She said in a cold voice.

“I don’t want to end this story right now.” He pleaded, “Can’t we please write a few more chapters?”

She finished wrapping his wound and took the photo frame from his hands. She remembered that holiday, it was their 5th marriage anniversary. They still loved each other and were dedicated. Until a few months ago, when they just started drifting apart. Then started the fights. The drinking and late nights and the hurtful things that they said to each other in fits of anger and the some other things were there too.

“No, I really can’t do all that, all over again” she told herself.

“Kahaan, our story has ended and it is time we write our own stories. Tearing a few papers means nothing, when we have already drifted apart in our hearts.” She answered him.

“What can I do to assure you that there has never been anyone else in my life, other than you?” He knew he hit the correct nerve when her eyes fired up.

“You can’t do anything. I can never trust you again.” With that she kept the frame at the side of bed, turned around, picked up her bags and walked out of the door and out of his life too.

“Letting her go was the greatest mistake that I have ever made and that foolish fiasco I indulged in a few months back. she is not going to trust me easily again, I know, but I will make sure it happens, even if it is the last thing that I do.” He promised himself as he watched her walk out of the house.

Note: Fiction after many weeks. Hope you like it. Editor: Krishna


“Would you mind if you could stay with me for a while?” He said.

She looked at him, and smiled.
She held his hand, and asked him,

“Would you mind if you could walk with me for another life?”

Another Life Walk


Comfort of Discomfort

In that warm blanket,
nothing but you touched
Every inch of the dermis.
Know the rules very well.
All you need your eyes to touch,
All I need some words to touch.
Yes, discomfort it cause to Us,
But that’s all comfort We both seek.


Achiever of Ends.

In so green saree
She walks ahead of
many who dared
to stop her to reach out top.

Nah, she didn’t jump,
but passed by them.
Held her wrist to pull back,
to decree a substantial growth.

Achiever,  she wasn’t yet
only free from the glaring
that mattered to her waist
so smooth skin she got there.

Those who stayed behind her
realise the beauty she carried
under the wrinkles
of ageless freedom and stand alone.

Over the shoulder undressed
power she still posses
her turn with the smile
and eyes of foundless-ness
A finish comes to an End.


Over the bed of pleasure, they found themselves in each other. One to leave for London, other to stay here in Delhi. He later kept on blabbering all how much he loved her, and how much he would miss her.

“Well, I was not expecting this confession of ‘I love you’ from you.” she said. “And I finally found a man who talks as much as I do.”

“But for now, let’s stay silent.” he cupped her face and kissed her.



Kiss Before You Leave