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Writers in Talking

This Monday, while heading to the dreadful work place, I saw a couple in Delhi Metro. Sitting on the corner seat next to the door, she was balancing her spectacles.  With her hand in his, he was scribbling words to her to listen. People unnoticed their silence of eyes, and he remained blank on their eyes. In this silence proof place, I heard them talking through stories. This post belongs to their conversation. Continue reading

Fictions, Life

She Knows Everything

Her curly locks were whispering with wind about me. She could not have noticed me, until I tripped at the stairs. I was scrambling over the stairs. She stopped peeling peas, & rushed to me. Her flip-flops made possible for me to know she was coming. She bent on one knee & offered her hands to me. Falling for warm rain fragrance, I twirled a strand of her wet hairs. She caressed my head.

“Careful with Steps, Son.” Mom said. She knew my first steps. And, they say it right, ‘Mothers have eyes all around.’

Life, Views

Every Night, the count flickers, on either side. A large number leaves, for a few new to join. All you have to do is keep moving, because this road is not about numbers. Road belongs to Life, and Enjoyment.


Fictions, Life

Stitched Strings

Dear Mind,

Last time when we met one another, there were no strings attached. You have witnessed everything. I am today just pouring myself out. You remember first time. She was at an Opticians shop, trying new glasses. That geeky spectacles on her made her more reliable person than she truly is. I always wanted her to read me through my poetry and stories. She played a major role in my writings. And obviously, she knows that. That night I was crossing by the shop, when she saw me. She called me up, and I was astonished on that. A few chit chats and she selected her pair of spectacles. To my another surprise, she asked for my notebook of Poetry and Stories. I could not be happy more. I gave her my notebook to my world, and she liked stories and poetry. She even recognized the story involving her. A realm in the stories involved her, all she had to do is relive that in real life. I was looking for a Friend, to laugh loud again.

But, misunderstanding played another mysterious role between Us. She could not get enough replies from Me, I could not get enough smiles anymore. We broke apart. She stayed alive, but dead under the skin. She still snick in the proses and poems I write. It’s been almost two weeks since last we talked. Yes, I do Miss her. But I miss more of Me, that she took tearing me into pieces. She will stay in my stories as a Character. There is no Death of Real Character in Fiction World. That’s how writer’s play with Life. Strings supposed to be attached by knot. One can try stitching as well. Stitching stay longer than knots. But this time, no strings actually stitched. All I request you today, please stay close to me. You know me, I don’t have mind to think on life again.

From Heart.

A letter from a broken heart to his beloved friend Mind.

Note: A work of Fiction involves stories, surrounding reality.


A facebook page… Gulfam

When you get a light in a dark room, you certainly keep your steps moving in that direction. And thats how you actually acheive your goals or probably a better life.

Last night, after asking my friend, Sandeep; I published my page on facebook. I am not sure about the number responses I am going to get on it, but I certainly agree with my friend. He said, “Creative people need to spread their talent. And this could be done probably through by engaging your fans or followers to certain activities. Facebook page is best thing. They get to read latest poems and short stories. Waise bhi isme kaunsa investment lag rahi hai.

He was totally right. And so I published my page name Gulfam on facebook. I am happy to see the response I got for page. Before hitting 24 hours of publishing the page, the page got more than 50 followers or like hits. That’s a very good start to it. I have posted 2 short stories, although they are old. But this time, I will try to make it a regular basis story.

3 years back, when I actually started blogging,  I was not regular to it much. Moreover, I could not get much followers even after all these postings on blog. But I think facebook page surely get me more traffic towards my blog. I got inspired for blog by my friend Sanskar, who has awesome traffic for his news blog. He helps me a lot on website presense thing.

Now, I am still not sure about the traffic I will get. But I am pretty much sure I will be more connected to my followers.


My Band Brahma Satya

I never have talked about my band “Brahma Satya”. Brahma Satya(BS) means universal truth. That’s the name we three, Mohit Sadana, Akhil Sindhwani and me, at last had come up with after looking many Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi words. Before I join the band, the band was known as Hybrids.

This Independence Day of India, we came up with a new song about our mother land, Meri Maa (that’s first Patriotic song of the band). Though I was not present when the song was being framed, but still I know everyone had great time. And yeah, the song is great, although I never had imagined my band to have a patriotic song.

I still remember when Wolverine a.k.a. Akhil Sindhwani (the lead guitarist) asked me to write something for the band on humanity. I was not sure about it, but still I agreed for it. And next day, I came up with the lyrics of “Bandeya”. Akhil introduced me to Mohit Sadana (the vocalist) on the same day in the evening. By then, they both had framed the song. There was a great place for musicians in the college, i.e. Open Amphitheater or better know as Sutta Stairs. Musicians get a good number of listeners there with some puffing the cigarettes hiding from the college faculty. Coming back to my story, the song was great when I listened to it. I knew the song will be hit.

A three man band, including the lyricist, was on a search of other people required for the band. The band also was not equipped that time. We just had two Acoustic Guitars, one for each of other two. After a year, a new member was introduced to band, Anmol Dutt Mehta a.k.a. Pappa. He was my junior in college. He was learning the Base Guitar, but he was good at understanding the music. We guys started jamming with other people, plus we were learning the music as well.

And a year later, one new junior joined us, Rahul Chhabra a.k.a. Oblix. We were jamming with one of the friends of Mohit and Akhil along with Rahul. While just covering the song, we realized that our search for drummer has ended. Yes, Rahul Chhabra is a drummer of the band. He loves metal rock more than other genres. But when we jam, we come up with something new every time.

These three years were great so far. We were more of Sufi kind people, especially me, Mohit and Akhil. The band was started three years back, since then we have gotten around 8-9 songs so far, on some we are working. “Meri Maa” is the last song, we got on this 15th August. The list of our songs are as follows:

  1.  Bandeya
  2. Jinh
  3. Hanuman Chalisa
  4. Jhoom Jhoom
  5. Grounded
  6. Peace
  7. Mumma
  8. Catchfall
  9. Punjabi
  10. Ram
  11. Meri Maa

mumma,,,I’m going to college

I don’t know how good liar I am. But to be honest, I’m a liar. A experienced boy, at lying at home, had lied again. Obviously, every one has lied to someone. Exceptions are not included. But since last Thursday, I did not tell my family that my college is on trip and we won’t have classes for a week. There was a reason for this. But what if they got to know about it from some other source. Oh… I’m sure you want to know the story.

Thursday morning…

Mom: come on get up fast. You have your college..Right ??

I: ohh..yes,I have. (though I had a week’s vacation.)

After getting ready and talking to Harshit, Meera and Prerna via SMS,I had lied again told mom a truth.

I: mom, what’s in breakfast ?

Mom: you have to wait for 5 minutes. Poha will be ready in 5 minutes.

I: I’m not in hurry. I don’t have college today. Classes cancelled.

She was in little shock, not because I did not have college today. But I was at home on day other than Sunday.

3 days at home. Ufff…They were like a torture to me incomplete days. I din’t have anything to do at home. No college and no friend. Harshit, Meera and Prerna were busy because they had their college.

But finally, I moved out. On Sunday, I had my NIFT entrance exam. Two exams same day and two hours duration each. Total 6-7 hours out from home. ahhh..Sign of relief.

I enjoyed my Sunday because of NIFT exam and because of other two people. Mohit and Lisha.

You must be thinking that I had said I’m good liar, but I din’t give any nice incident of it. Till Sunday, even i felt same. I mean why din’t I tell truth to mom. I was just thinking about and suddenly, i got a SMS from Garima.

“heyy…we are thinking of going to Mughal Garden…chalna hai…main,shru n u…v il have fun der…” (SMS from Garima.)

I replied “kab chalna hai..main taiyar hun..abhi chale”

she replied,” not now stupid. we will go on tuesday. Monday ko Shruti has some important job to do..”

“Ohh..Great. Finally, you will go out of home and your lie is working now.” said my inner voice to me. But again, problem for Monday. I can’t stay at home. I immediately messaged Meera.

” Oyee, Lets go somewhere tomorrow. What you say and i don’t want “no” in reply.”

“Okay, Lets go for MNIK at M2K Rohini.” she replied.

Again, my inner voice congratulated me. Wow, everything is working great. Sunday night, mom asked me an obvious question.

“Bete, you are not going to college. What’s the matter? Pichle 3 saal me shayd tu pehli baar 3 din ghar pe raha hai jab sabhi college ja rahe hai but tu nahi. Chakkar kya hai.” she asked while taunting me.

“Arey, mumma, I have my classes tomorrow and by the way, I was not on leave. I just din’t have classes because of strike in college.”

Monday, 1.00 PM;”Okay mumma, I’m going. Bye.” I smiled inside.

Got direct bus to M2K Rohini, though after waiting for almost 5 minutes and I hate waiting for even such short time when I’m exited.

I usually never get late, except for the college classes. But this time Meera was waiting for me. After greeting each other, we moved to cinema hall. The movie was great. Mr. Khan acted very well. After movie, we moved to McD, we din’t have any other option. Around 6 in the evening, I dropped her at her place and moved to home. I can’t forget that date day.
Reached home at 7.36 PM. Normal time.

“How was your day? Kahin ghumne toh nahi gaya tha?” mom asked.”Can she smell anything like lie? Bhai, kuch toh gadbad hai.” warned my inner voice.”Mumma, Satya se jyada kahan ghumunga. I had my classes mumma.” I replied without any hiccup.

Next day (Tuesday), around 12.45 PM,

Again, with a smile I left my home. This time I have to reach C-Sec Metro Station from Keshav Puram Station. Shruti and Garima were waiting for me there. I reached around 1.35. And they were waiting for someone else also. I don’t remember her name. Let’s just assume her name T, for the time.

Shruti, as usual, wanted play prank on someone who went to Goa (college trip). Some names popped in our head, but we dropped them and finally picked M (I won’t tell his name as promised to Shru and Mallu). We called him from a local PCO.

M: Hello! who is there?I: Heillo. Mr. M bol rahe ho. Ji apka number hume aoke dost ne diya hai.M: Hanji boliye.I: usne kaha tha 1 girl escort bhejni hai. Aap Goa me kahan Ruke hai.M: What? Tell him to keep the girl with him.

and then he just cut the call. Yes, we had fun. Then, we moved to Mughal Garden after walking almost more than 1 KM. One suggestion to everyone, please never go to Mughal Garden. How can anyone enjoy properly in highly secured place?

Well, Tuesday was not good that much. But still I had fun being with Garima and Shruti. We also went to India Gate.This time I reached home at around 8.10 PM.

Last day (Wednesday) around 12.30

I left my home. On that day, I was going to Mohit’s place. When I got bus, direct to north campus, I messaged him. “Where are you? I’ill be in campus in just 30 minutes.”

He replied: ” aaja jaldi..I’m at Abhishek’s place.”

I reached there and entered Abhishek’s room. I saw there were already 2 new faces in kitchen with Abhishek and there were two more in his room. I thought they all must be Abhishek and Mohit’s friend. Well, after a introduction, I just remember only 3 names.

  1. Surbhi sadana- Mohit’s sister
  2. Surbhi- Surbhi’s friend
  3. Jyoti- Mohit’s friend.

There were 5 new faces, though one came later with raw fish in her hand. That means party time. BTW, I don’t remember other 2 names. One of those girls cooked fish curry and it was really awesome (I ate it for the first time). After lunch and little chat, we all moved as Abhishek had to leave for his home town and me and Mohit went with Jyoti and other 2 girls to drop him by metro till Rajiv Chowk. Both Surbhis’ went to their room. After dropping him at Rajiv Chowk, we moved to Vasant Gaon to drop other 3 girls to their hostel (Army’s Hostel) near my college.

I really had a great fun on Wednesday. When I reached near my home, I saw 2 miss calls.

“Ohh,shit. Dad and brother called me at around 7.10 PM. I was in Metro that time near Rajiv Chowk. They must have seen me” My heart started beating faster like a athlete’s heart do.

“Lele majje salle. Or bol le jhooth. You are gone today.” said my inner voice.

But when I reached home, the mood at home was kind of happy. That means I was not in trouble. But my brother asked me and later dad asked the same question.

“Where were you? You din’t pick our call.” asked both (at different time) and I lied again and probably it was my last lie of the day

“I saw your miss calls, but din’t realize that time. I was in bus. Why did you call me?” I asked.

“We were near your college. Humne socha tujhe wahin se pick kar lete hai.” Dad said.

“But I had paid for my ticket.” I replied with relief.

Though lying is art, but in today’s period God has given everyone this art in-built. Today, no one need to join classes for it. But still one has to lie according to situation. Otherwise pakde jaoge.