Novellete: Breaking Up (Final)

Scene 8: The Lunch

Saturday morning 8th of June 2013, the very first thing I did, was to call her and confirm the plan. She was not a morning girl. Hence, I called a number of times when at last she conformed the lunch. I picked up a half of Teachers Whiskey and Smirnoff Vodka Green Apple, her favourite.

I knew what she likes. I knew what to cook for her. She told me once that she likes noodles with vodka. I was in a state of disarray, where heart and mind although were ready to step forward for the relationship again, but did not want to end up breaking up again. On this, I checked my wardrobe, from trousers to jeans and shirts to t-shirts. Finally, I settled with a shirt and jeans, which is what new generation Baniya’s wear.

By 12:30 in the noon, I was ready with glasses and little snacks. I played some songs on the satellite TV, and got busy cooking Dum Aloo in the kitchen. Noodles were already made.

Ding dong.. She was right on time I thought. I stopped with the Dum Aloo and rushed into drawing room. Everything was on its place; I gave cursory look to everything around. Slowly I opened the door with a smile. However, to my shock, it was Raju at door. I forgot to get soda for drinks to serve. I had called the owner of shop downstairs to send a cold drink to my home. Raju worked there, and so he got Pepsi.

Abey Raju… tu hai!” I exclaimed while opening the door. He handed over the bottle and I asked him to take the money later. I was about to close the door, when I heard her voice.

“Hi Rishh.” She greeted me. She was wearing blue top and jeans,  without any hint of makeup, but lip-gloss. Yes, I noticed her. I was limping, and she noticed it.

“Hello… Come in.” With the music in the background, we chatted for a while.

“So, what do we have the lunch?” she asked, when I was entering the kitchen.

“Surprise for you” I said. “Something you like the most.”

“Don’t tell me. Noodles and Vodka.” She caught me.

“Well, that’s what you like. But Dum Aloo as well.” I was stirring the fry pan of Dum Aloo. “I prepared all myself.”

“Really Rishh?” she was surprised. I smiled.

“Shall we start now?” I asked her. She nodded positively. I served her vodka, and made myself a peg of Scotch. With time to pass by, her smile was widening with bashfulness. I was there falling for her again seconds by seconds.

“Rishh, Can I tell you a secret?” She looked at me. We were sitting right in front of one another, on table very well organised as in any other restaurant in the drawing room.

“Is it drinks which pouring you out?” I chuckled. “Oh, I am sorry you were saying.”

“Shut up… No, I don’t have anything to tell you now.” She got angry and emptied her glass in one go.

“Geet, I am really sorry. I was just kidding dear.” We looked at each other. First, she took away her sight to avoid glaring. However, she turned to me again. Silence prevailed between us, but “asmaan hai tu mera ya hai mera khuda” sung by Ayushmann Khurana on MTV.

“Can you…” she said at last. “…kiss me?” I was startled. I stretched her hands towards me, and felt soft skin of her hands. I wanted to be easy, but she smiled again.

“You know what Rish, I had something in my mind.”

“And what was it?” and I moved to mark my impression on her smooth chicks, first on left and then right side.

“I… I never had a relationship.” With her eyes closed, she said in her smoky voice. I kept my ears open to listen to her.

“I never had a relationship after us.” She said with deep throat. That moment I could not hear anything, but her eyes. Her eyes were amorously talking, and so I replied. I do not remember what we talked. I was listening to sound of her voice and to her bashful eyes, and to the sound of her listening to my eyes.

“Why are you kissing me?” Silence lost the battle between whispers of our eyes. I slid towards her, and pushed the table between us aside. Under the dull light of the room, I closed the distance between us, gently pulling her towards me.

“Because I love you…” her eyes talked timidly. I replied it with the eyes, “I love you Geet.”

I looked down at her, with eyes dulled by the darkness of the room. Caressed her supple cheek, I lifted her chin; our noses almost touched. I felt the warmth of her breath brushing the top of my lip. Her eyes started to shut and I pressed against her lips. My lips spoke love and her spoke forever.

I could not recall the reason for the taste of her lips green apple. There were many sounds around the room; some were honking on road, some kids playing, and television to match the mood with songs of love.

“She gives me everything,
And tenderly,
The kiss my lover brings,
She brings to me,
And I love her.”
– John Lennon

The doorbell interrupted us. As we parted, I could only see her smiling with a closed-mouth. She looked so beautiful with her dimples, I could not resist enclosing the distance again, and I whisper in her ears, “I love you so much.”

“I missed you. I missed being with you.” She said. I nodded for the same. However, we stopped again because of the hard knocks on the door. I angrily opened the door, when I found Mehak Di with her shopping bags. It was 5 o’clock in the evening.

Ab kholega bhi!” she shouted. Her voice pulled me out of my World, and I opened the hasps.

“Why are you sweating? What were you doing?” She asked in same breathe.

“Nothing.” I said. “Everything is fine.” She saw Geet, and ambiance. Nevertheless, she moved to her room without saying anything more. For that day, my mind and heart did not have anything to argue or say about, but to fall for the Love.

“There is all love,
When soft coloured lips,
Of you mark on me,
And I stand amazed,
Every time on my lips,
You taste so beautiful.”
                                    – Gulfam

Note: This short story ends here. Breaking Up is a Novellete for which I wrote till it’s end. I hope you like it. Please share your views and suggestions to the story. I promise to come up with new stories and poetry.


Novellete: Breaking Up 7

Scene 7: Build Up

What more satisfying was she had break up, than keeping me in despair. On one end, I was glad because she might be feeling same as I had felt after break up. However, there was still an aroma, somewhere in the corner of the heart, which climbed again. In addition to it, Mind was barging away the appetite of having her back in the life. In any case, my life might be damned again. All I was saying was control, F*%^ control Rachit yourself.

“Start talking again, you self-centred moron.” Heart rolled me in.

“Don’t dare to ping her, or call her.” Mind responded.

“Will you both please shut up? I am trying to concentrate to study.” I had put myself ahead, while going through the trigonometry problems for the fourth time in a row. Nevertheless, Mind and heart went on whispering about her.

“She is alone dude. Her sister is married now. She broke up again.” Mind pointed out his views. “She is looking for the shoulder to cry or possibly a time-pass.”

“Alright, still I get a chance to make my move this time.” Heart replied. Obviously, Heart won the argument.

A couple of days later, we started getting back to normal chatting. I pinged, she replied. She texted, I responded. I was somewhat happy again. However, I was surprised to fell in love again, carefully this time. Dil Sambhalja Zara Fir Mohabbat Karne Chala hai Tu! Hail Bollywood Serial Kisser for coming up with this song in a Movie.

“You know what, we should start jogging again.” She pinged.

“Ahh, I would love to. But for the time, I can’t.” I replied.

“Left foot is still banded. I can’t put on shoes.”

“Okay.” She replied. “Acha, tell me one thing, tumne jogging par aana mere Boyfriend key wajah se chhoda tha na?”

“Arey, I told you that time as well I had an accident. I am still limping because of bandage.” I replied with a shock as she came up with such question. “But why have you asked me this?”

“I was told by my ex-boyfriend” she replied, “that you would not come for jogging when you would be told about him”

“Aahaann, he was great at planning things.”

Ye accident usi ka plan kia hua lagta hai.” I pinged.

“Lol” she laughed.

One cannot be thrown out of Heart that is true. However, there is another fact; Mind is also obsessed with that one. That is the moment, when heart and mind either accord or discord.

I never asked her of relationships, and I never intended to. Geet and I were always into the agreement where past should not be discussed, even when we were friends. However, she had told me of her last relationship. One night she was hurt and called me.

“Hi Rishh, How are you? What you doing?” she said in a heavy breathe.

“Hey Geet. I am good.” I heard her sobbing. “What happened to you dear?” I asked her. I listened. I consoled her. After a while, she got normal. I was happy that she called me in her distress. To comfort her, I asked her for Lunch and boozing at my place.

“And what about your parents and di?” she asked me.

“Ahh, don’t worry yaar. My parents have gone to Punjab, and di will go out to meet her friends.” I chuckled. She agreed and scheduled to meet at 1 PM.

The plan was confirmed, but there was a problem. I did not know if di had any plan for that Saturday Afternoon. Therefore, in any case, I had to convince di to go out or at least not to bother me when Geet would at home.

“Di, what’s your plan for tomorrow afternoon?” I knew anyhow she would settle for some money in exchange, and therefore, I pointed out to her afternoon plan directly.

“Aahaan, where are you going tomorrow?” she spoke. “As of now, I don’t have any plan.”

“No. I am not going anywhere. But why don’t you plan something.” I tried to get her a plan. “Probably, Lisha and Shinu are free for some fun. Come on, get up and call on them.” I handed over her phone, while she was having a mysterious smile. She got me, and I spilled out my plan.

Oye, Us Geet Kapoor ko ghar me kaise bula lia tune? You know how callous she was towards you,” she asked. “Scene kya hai bhai?”

“Whatever it is, People call it Love I guess. But I tell you, we are just friends.” I denied the facts, to keep the dilemma within reach of Heart and Mind. Then she, obviously, asked for some favours for later times.

“You know, great friendships are made up of distances, either Geographical or Emotional. The fact is you are friend-zoned. Be careful.” I listened to her words with silence around. “Anyways, you know what I need now.” Di said while bafflingly asking for the carrot.

“Here is Rs. 2000 for your day with fun.”

“That’s it. Come on, I need somewhere around Rs. 5000.”

“Oh come on, Okay last price Rs. 3000. That’s it.” Finally, we were at concord. A night prior to tryst, I convinced my heart and mind not to play hard with thoughts. Heart makes me fall and mind makes me fool. However, heart detests people and mind qualms people.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Please read the previous scenes to stay in flow with the story. This story is coming to an end. Wait for it.

Previously Scene 6: Turn Around


Novellete: Breaking Up 6

Scene 6: Turn Around

“I am seeing someone else right now and I wanted to share it with you.” She said. I did not mouth anything. Deep in me, I was execrable, broken into pieces. We looked at one another. I smiled outside. I handed her the package. As I promised, we would be same no matter what happened. She was expecting me to say something.

“Nice. Good for you.” That was what I could say. I did not ask her anything else. I made steps to cab. We smiled again, and she thanked me again.

Two blocks ahead, I reached my home. Mehak di was expecting Bengali Cotton Saree. However, I could not show up with the gift. Rather with a smile of tiredness squeezed in sadness.

People keep promises alive. Nevertheless, do they really mean it? I did not know. I tried. Success of the words dependent on days lay ahead. Even after such relationship update from her, we kept on meeting for next 5 days for jogging, until my accident.

What I remember of that day is she was in my mind when I was driving. Riding at the average speed, when I did not realise a Santro hit me from the right. The driver could not manage his speed and dragged me as I was trying to get out my right leg wedged between car and bike. I lost my awareness. Next, I woke up in Hospital.

Rishh, are you alright?” she called me when I updated my whatsapp status about the accident.

“I do not know. But Mom seemed troubled and doctor on my left does not have anything to say.” I joked.

“Shut up. Now tell me, Major Accident to nahi hai na?” she asked further.

“Yeah, left leg is cracked, and some stitches on hand. The rest is in one piece.” I joked further.

“Oh, my God! Why did you not tell me before?” She was concerned.

“I did not want to be troublesome for you.”

“Come on. You should have. But, do not worry. You will be fine. Keep me posted.”

Days passed sluggish. I could not move. All I had, was leave from the office, troubled parents because of me, and concerned sister.

“You mayhap are looking for some books to read.” Mehak di teased when I was struggling with Television remote.

Umm, you could have helped me. But I guess I would rather prefer a pen and paper, and you by side.” I said

“I am with you my dear.” Di smiled and picked a pen and register on the table. “What are you planning to write?” she asked further.

“I don’t know. But I think scripting poems will help me.”

The instinct of writing up started back then. For the matter of my skills in it, I am still not sure if anything good I had done, starting scripting. Mehak di always insisted me to start writing. In addition to it, I thought of working on her advice, trying for SSC or IAS.

Over the bed rest period, I changed my career goals. I took up government jobs. I sent a resignation letter to my Manager. With all clarifications, I was relieved from by March of 2013. With that relieve, I picked up some books for entrance preparation for government jobs. However, deep in me, my heart tortured me with “what if” category of questions.

“What if you won’t clear it, you already resigned from the company where you were an upcoming star performer.” My heart lashed many other questions.

“Yeah, I know. But you know one thing; this decision is way more effective than that Geet.” Mind replied rudely. “And, if I work, I am sure I will get into IAS.” The fragile heart shook. Di already had applied on my behalf for SSC three months back. That means in all cases, I had to study as the exam was on 19th May of the same year.

Mugging all the latest affairs and far-known history, known formulas, and quickest ways to solve a question, I reached my centre. That was a lucky day, after 3 hours of last hour tension; I survived the 200 questions, managed to solve most of them and correctly.

“So, what are you going to do now after your exam is over and TIER 2 is as of now after 2 months?” Di asked.

“Perhaps I will start FB and blogging again, which I had abandoned.” I responded while logging in to Facebook.

“’Abandoned’, that’s so unnatural of you. Was that because of your splendid girl?” she encountered.

Ahh Ouch. That hurts. Where have you come up with this?” I encountered while I checked the notifications lined up in numbers. “I don’t think of her anymore, Period.” I chuckled. I checked her Facebook updates.

Facebook is another tool, where you can make a person jealous or feel miserable. Geet updated Pooja di’s wedding pictures. Pooja was looking wonderful in the pictures, and so was Geet. I never met Geet’s sister Pooja but I knew a bit of her.

I never wanted to disturb her with my pings, even though ‘Last seen at’ of Whatsapp kept me aware about her time. However, Heart compelled me to send at least some forward jokes and messages. I did a few, and so she replied after hours with another once or twice.

“Congrats” I pinged her a few nights later of Pooja di wedding.

“Thanks Rishh.” This time she replied in seconds. “How are you? Long time no see, no talk. Everything is ok?” she pinged further.

“I’m good. Just got busy with books.”

“Books. Tum fir se padhne lage?”

Yeahh… Left my job and trying my hand in Government jobs and writing stuff.”

“Writing… oh yes, you are good at it. You should take it as a full time job.” She replied further.

“What about you? Everything is fine on your side.”

Yeahh… But I realised Love is not for me. I broke up a month back. Now I am just a free bird again.” She teased. On her reply, heart and mind were back into the business of what they are good at all the time, especially while approaching ‘Love’.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Please read the previous scenes to stay in flow with the story. Previously Scene 5: Travelling


Novellete: Breaking Up 5

Scene 5: Travelling

Over the months, I got busy with work again. I started travelling cities as if I was a member of a rock band on tour. I travelled from city to city, Ahmadabad to Mumbai to Chennai to Amritsar and to many more. I talked to people, arranged things, managed food and boozing.

“Please fasten your seat belts; we will be landing Subhash Chandra International Airport, Kolkata in next 30 minutes. It was pleasure serving you. Hope to see you again.” a pretty woman of the Jet Airways announced, while I was half sleep.

I did not even unpack my luggage, when I had gotten another event scheduled to Kolkata. Certainly, I gained a little in this cultural ‘dating’ job. Perhaps I did not work out enough that month as I had expected. It was not hard for me even to settle my heart to work and mind in pursuit. The quest of better understanding began.

“Screech…” Voice of aeroplane tires scared the hell out of me. For this reason, I woke up with bumps on the runway. Grabbing my bag and pulling out my earphones, I stood in the line as everyone did, to get out of the plane ASAP.

The weather was humid, with the shady sun right upon us. I was shocked at the infrastructure of airport of a metropolitan city of India.

The moment I switched on my phone again, Phone started chirping and it was Geet. She replied my ping.

“Good Morning Rishh. Reply me when you land Kolkata” Whatsapp message said.

“Hi, I am in Kolkata. I am good here.” I replied.

“Great and I hope you will remember to get something for me from there.” within seconds, she replied.

I hired a yellow pre-paid taxi to Park Street. All the way through, I looked cursorily through the city. The airport was at a distance from the old city.

“Kolkata mein peohli baor aaya hai?” cab driver asked me in his Bengali accent.

“Haan.” I replied. “Kya best hai ithar khane ko aur kharidne ko?” I asked about food and shopping things, instead of places to see.

Bahut Kuch hai sir. Aap agar kahe toh main leke chaolta hai. Kolkata pura ghuma dega.” He replied. I liked his accent. Rather, I must say I like Bengali Language. However, I could not get enough time to learn to speak. In those 3-day stay in Kolkata I learnt to read it at least.

After crossing miles of traffic, and having a scenic view of Victoria Memorial from the flyover, I reached my hotel. I asked the driver to come back again at 3 PM. In the hotel, after some paper work at the reception, I got my room with a window view to Park Street. I slept for an hour or maybe two.

For the next two days, I worked for the event. Other than work, I used to explore the roads in search of good street food. I talked with some people randomly. I learnt a few things. This city had never traded its joy over the brightness of the Sun. The city mesmerized me with its narrow galleys, trams and old world charm.

I got a ping from Geet. She asked about my day and about Kolkata. I promptly replied her. On this, I never forgot to get her something from Kolkata. However, I was not good with gifts. I called up Mehak Didi. After a little chit chat, I came directly to the gift.

“Ok listen; I want your suggestion right now.” I asked her.

“Oh, right, that’s why you called me little boy.” She teased.

“Sis, I got your point.” I replied. “Now, please help me to get something for Geet.”

Geet.” She was shocked. She knew that we broke up, but not that we were friends again. “Are you crazy?” Didn’t you break up with her?” she bombarded her questions.

“Cool down di.” I tried to calm her. “I will explain you when I am back. But could you help me out now. I have this night only to go shopping here.” I said further.

“Okay, as you say so.” She murmured. “You are in Kolkata. I thought that you must be getting a Saree for your sister.” She taunted me, and gave me a hint.

“You are genius di. So, I am going to the Bada Bazaar here.” I thanked her. “I will ping you pictures of sarees and purchase which you think looks best.” I said.

sab search kar rakha hai ladke ne.” She laughed and I just on the other side with a smile. “You know the price for the assist I gave to you.” She joked further.

“Yeah, I get it.” I pretended as if I know everything.

“On a serious note, why don’t you tell her you still think of her, still want her in your life, still Love her. You abhor the fact that she does not sense you.” She was serious.

“I do love her. But I am glad that she is happy. I don’t want to force anything to her.” I replied further. For next an hour, we both talked. She suggested me to focus more on the career. She even asked me to apply for government jobs. Fixed and steady salary, secure job, and the best thing about these government jobs are Reputation.

Next day, I had a flight back to Delhi. It was an unexplainable feeling, as I had a gift for Geet. She had no idea what it could be. Rather, I told her that I forgot to get her something again.

I was expecting to land in Delhi at around 7:10 PM, but because of the weather conditions, I took around 45 minutes more to land in one piece. Right after landing, I called at home that I would be home in an hour. In addition, I called Geet, if she could meet up at back street. She agreed, but on condition of being there before 10 PM.

“Hey, I am at street.” I called her and asked the driver to wait for a while. I pulled out a packet out of the bag and stood a few steps away from the cab. She took 2 minutes to be there.

“So, tell me. You wanted to see me?” she asked.

“Yeah, I thought you had something to tell me. Moreover, you must be expecting something from Kolkata?”

Rishh, you seriously got me something.” She was surprised. She looked at the packet in hand. “But listen, I need to tell you something,” she changed her tone when we started walking.

“Okay.” I looked into her eyes, they were tensed.

“Will you be my friend, even if I am committed to someone else?” Situation got tenser now. I positively nodded.

“I am seeing someone else right now and I wanted to share it with you.” She said.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Please read the previous scenes to stay in flow with the story.

Previously Scene 4: The Drive


Novellete: Breaking Up 4

Scene 4: The Drive

The grapple between mind and heart keeps the man in suspense many a times. You never know who is going to win. That night, they were again back into the position where they always have been.

“Hey, Hop in!” I said to Geet standing on the street with an office bag and some shopping bags.

“Kitna time laga diya tumne. Moreover, you used to have Honda Activa. Wow, now you owe Honda Brio.” She said while getting in. “You drunk by the way.” She continued.

“Yeah, just coming from my party, I threw for being promoted to Manager Position, as I, along with my team, had worked hard to become national second highest sales team.” I replied to keep the conversation going.

“You did not tell me Rishh. Congratulation Yaar!” she said sweetly. She looked beautiful as always. Hair kept free, no glasses, and even no hint of makeup. She has the natural pink lips with dimples to make everyone fall for her. That was the first time I saw her after 2 months.

“Thank you very much” I replied while keeping the pace on tracks. “So, where are you heading from? You seemed to have shopped today. Didn’t you?” I asked further.

“Oh yes, I went to Haus Khas with a friend for shopping directly from the office. Anyways, you tell me the secret. New Car, Promotion. What else is on the “to-do list”?

“Nothing much. For my performance, I am promoted to Market Place as Manager of Trade Fair Team. I will be travelling to all over India to promote the company, and may be at times to other countries as well.”

“Wow Rishh. You are a manager now.” She shouted. “That calls for a party. So, where will you take me for dinner now?” she joked ahead.

“Where ever you like to go? I have a better idea. I got some VAT69 at back. We’ll grab two glasses and some chakhna.” I advised. Although she likes booze, but that night she did not want to. However, she looked up the dashboard to light up. Fortunately, she had my heart on her side and I got four regular mild cigarettes for her.

In between, heart and mind were on fight. Heart was in some way winning. However, mind wanted to spoil the cheerful heart’s day and spill out many questions to Geet.

“Come on; at least ask her why she called you.” That was the one question, which was running a marathon in my mind.

“She was looking for help. And Rachit is the only resort.” Heart replied with a laugh.

On the move, there was some room for songs to complete. For some, we hummed together. That was a great inexplicable night. Then, I had to intervene to ask her a question.

“Hey Geet, can I ask you something?” I looked for positive nod. She accepted.

“How come you expected me to come up to your help?” I sounded serious.

Rishh, I know you. You know, dear, whatever happened between us, we still be friends. I find it thoughtful to tell you that I like to be with you.” She replied with a smile. To her this reply, I had no secret to get out of the closet.

“So, here you are. Hope you are on time.” I cut the talk and tapped the break.

“Thank you so much. You are a real friend indeed. I am sorry to bother you.” She said sweetly.

“I was thinking Geet, to reconsider your proposal.” She stood startled. “How about we jog from tomorrow morning? What do you say?” I laughed and she joined me. She asked me once to work out with her, when we were in the relationship.

Well, she replied positively. We agreed to meet at 6 o’clock in the morning. After dropping her, post inning analysis kept me busy for the night. Heart could not feel better than before, and mind had nothing, but sulk for a while. On the agreement, heart and mind went to sleep to wake up early in the morning.

Waking up early in late November of Delhi gives you chills. However, the warmth of heart keeps the body warm as well. For next three early mornings, I woke up at 5:30 AM. Then, I became “alarm” for her and woke her up by 6 AM.

“You need to be on time from next time. I was waiting here for last 10 minutes.” I said while she was joining me to the park.

“I am sorry Rishh. But you know it’s still dark. It’s not easy to wake up so early.” She replied.

“Ok, I know. But still you should have told me.”

“I will try next time.” She replied while keeping the pace with me.

We went to a green near the market for jogging. We talked, we laughed. She told a little about her office, I shared a little about my new office and new profile.

“So, tomorrow at the same time?” she asked. “I’ll be on time.”

“No, I forgot to tell. I am leaving for Ahmedabad tomorrow dawn for 4 days.” I replied

She saddened at the news. “That means no jogging for next 4 days.” She said and I nodded in positive.

Those days were sudden change in the life. Heart and Mind were at discord. Heart wanted to have her back, but mind did not agree to show her that desperation. You love your girl because she wants you to. You will not be able to hate her even when you want to, until she allows it.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Please read the previous scenes to stay in flow with the story.

Previously Scene 3: Office


Novellete: Breaking Up 3

Scene 3: Office

“Maine raat ki tijori se neend chura li hai,
Tumhari yaad ke khatir girvi rakhi thi kabhi.”

Days passed, nights arouse; weeks harden. For a week, I could not get good numbers on sales from the boys. That was the hardest week for my team to survive. One evening, my boss, Mr. Akshay Khattar, talked to me. He was a man with so much experience, worked at different levels and companies until he joined as North Zone Manager.

“I don’t know the reason of your under performance but let me remind you, you are an Assistant Manager.” He said to me. “This team is dependent on you. You cannot fail these boys because of your personal problems.” He continued while sipping his peg at the party of the national top sales team.

That night, his words changed my attitude towards work. I realised whatever happening to me personally, should not affect my work. From next morning, I came back into the game of sales.

Meanwhile, I forgot about my broken relationship. Even then, she was always on my mind. At times, we chatted as well.

“Hi Geet.. How are you? How was your day?” I pinged. It took her hours to reply.

“Oh, hi Rishh… Am good. And the day was not good.

Saala, Ashok, my manager, Chilla raha tha. What a jerk!” She replied, and so we continued a while. However, we never talked much as we used to.

A month before Diwali, the company announced a competition for sales team, Diwali Dhamaka. The Mail said, “Team with maximum sales for the month would be sent on Bangkok Trip”. Keeping in mind weekly sales target and competition intensity, I motivated my team to get work done by hook or crook, and I would help them for everything to get the sales.

“So Guptaji, how is your team doing?” Satya Prakash asked. He was Assistant Manager of other team and one of the strongest competitors for the prize.

Sirji, my team is way behind your team. I heard that you are getting 4 sales in a day.” I replied while making a laugh. “Why don’t you transfer 2 leads to my team?” I asked genuinely.

“I would have Rachit. But you know, Sales mein sab jayez hai, sivaye bhaichare ke.” He joked further.

Life was normal again. The work was better than before and I was getting competitive sales for the Diwali Dhamaka. Then the usual Friday evenings with friends at Pocket Bar, Sundays with family. Movie’s got more action, Food got better taste, and life got a blend of positive thoughts, until a week after Diwali.

That Monday Morning meeting had lots of suspense. It would be Diwali for some and ‘diwala’ for others.

“So guys, you all enjoyed your Diwali?” Mr. Khatter asked. Everyone replied positively and enthusiastically.

“Satya Prakash’s team performed phenomenally and got the highest sales so they are going to Bangkok.” Mr Khattar announced. Everyone applauded.

“But there is a surprise. We have another winner.” This was not at all expected.

“Team with second highest sales, i.e. Rachit Gupta’s team will also fly to Bangkok.” He announced further. I was elated at this. Everyone congratulated us. However, my boss had something else as well. “Rachit, my boy, there is another surprise for you. And I hope you like it.” He said.

“You are promoted to Market Place as Trade Fairs Team Manager.” He told me while making steps towards me. I stood up from my seat at this unexpected news. I was so happy. When appreciation is made with promotions, it is an achievement. I was one of the youngest people to get such promotion. I wanted to share it with Geet. However, something stopped me.

Life is such a mystery in itself. Two unexpected surprises at the office made my day. I went to Connaught Place with friends to enjoy the day. We were having some drink and some awesome food, and then my phone beeped. It was Geet. She called me. Therefore, without any delay I picked the call.

“Hello Rishh” she said.

“Hi Geet, How are you?” I replied enthusiastically. “How come you called me?” I asked further.

“I am good. What are you doing?” she asked. “I need your help. Please help me!” she urged sweetly.

“Nothing much, I am with friends at Connaught Place.” I replied to her first question. “Yeah, tell me, how can I help you?” I asked.

“Could you please pick me and give a lift to home? I am here only at Route No. 04. My friend had to leave me here for urgent office work.” She said hurriedly. “Can you Rishh… Please pick me?” I was stuck.

For no particular reason, I took leave from friends. With this move, heart and mind started another argument. Heart was happy for getting back to torn memories. However, Mind was taking the side of ‘being used by a girl’ fact. Well, they both had strong sides. Nevertheless, why she called me was the real question.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Please read previous two scenes to stay in flow with the story.

Scene 1: Friday Night

Scene 2: Hangover


Novellete: Breaking Up 2

Scene 2: Hang Over

The night you break up, you have no idea what to do. That routine of picking up the phone and dialling up 10 beautiful digits to the sweet voice breaks down. That Friday night after some rounds of whiskey and tequila, Sameer dropped me at home. Somehow, I managed to hide my emotions in front of them. However, at home, I had to hide my breath of many pegs of whiskey and tequila. By the way, that night I realized that I could easily handle eight pegs. But that might be because of that odd night.

Without giving any hint of my being drunk, I told mother that I had dinner with friends and I was tired that night. Surprisingly, there were not any counter questions and I moved to my room. Besides this, I do not remember much of that night.

On Saturday morning, I had nothing but to handle a few questions about the break up to myself. Many a question popped up that morning. My mind and Heart played “Who wants to be a Millionaire” of its own kind.

“She must be having some second thoughts, and that’s why she broke up with you.” My mind was interrogating my heart. “Nahin toh itni jaldi aaj kal market me mobile bhi nahi aata.” My mind helped me to get out of a hangover.

With those aloof thoughts, I woke up. Recollecting what happened last night, I checked my mobile for around 10 times. It did not have “any sign” showing a new message from Geet.

As Paulo Coehlo said, “Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.” We both believed in this concept. But after a while, I did not know what prompted me.

After making a few steps on the phone, I opened Whatsapp and wished her morning. I did not get any reply from her. I was sure she would not. Still “Dil hai ke manta nahin”.

“Wake up beta. Get ready for the breakfast.” Mom said. She baked dosas for the morning. When everything falls apart, only food can reconnect you. Hard Drinks pour out your heart, but Hot Food makes you stand against problems.

I did not answer her that moment, but I knew the food was going to clean my head for a while. On this, heart nodded positively and I rushed for a bath.

I know people who are good bathroom singers, but I am Eccentric. I do “thought processing” while bathing. In spite of that, that day, my heart and mind looked for another round of grapple.

“Shut up thought mangler.” the soft heart said in a hard voice. “Give some time to her, Geet will be back. Don’t spoil your day.” Heart added further.

On the dining table, debate continued even further. Both Heart and Mind were putting forward their points on the last night event. Along with this debate, bad side of me was brushing up all days she and I had.

“Wow mom, Dosas are really awesome. I did not know you cook so well”, I said jokingly to mother with a crooked smile.

As soon as I finished, I rushed back and grabbed my phone. Still, there was not any message. I checked Whatsapp again.

“Last seen today at 11:59 am,” I said to myself. “That means she was online a minute ago, and still she ignored me. What the F@$k”. Then I threw my phone back.

For the next few hours, I tried to keep myself busy with the laptop and some random thoughts. However, in every an hour, I checked Whatsapp as well. This Real Time Messaging System was supposed to make conversations fast. Unfortunately, Whatsapp is at times a major reason for more disturbing thoughts.

That day, I did not realize the time, it was almost 1 am at night. I tried to sleep, still thinking of her. The way she smiles, teases me, calls me “Rish”. I could not help but smile and sulk at the same time. I did not know when I fell asleep.

Out of nowhere, my mobile chirped which woke me up. I pleaded badly it should be she. “Please God!” Heart murmured in a sleepy voice.

What I saw was something that made my eyes wet. Yes, it was her message. For a moment, my world stopped there. I did not want to read her reply, however, her message was enough. I gathered the courage to see what it was.

It said “Hey. I do not want to hurt you more, but I do not want to talk about what had happened last night. I do not see anything ahead. I think we just need to be friends.” My world shattered again and I could not reply.

Aye Musafiro,
Batana agar pata chale ke dil tuta hai mera,
Naya hun is raah par,
Gulfam, Mujhe chhuapana nahi aata.”
                                                              – Gulfam

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Scene three: Office will be published next week.