Untouched Kiss

Night up here,
Isn’t full of stars.
Rather all alone
With moon and darkness

This moon shine
touches the dermis,
Like it has been
Longing for a incursion.

There you’re
Smiling alone about past,
What if we never
Made up our story.

Won’t these nights
Be same with all stars,
Of course, they would be
Because of emptiness.

Fourteen days is
A long time for full moon,
Fourteen nights are
A short time for Us.

This moon has a plan
For the story left alone,
Why don’t we meet,
Again to complete everything.

Complete those pages
Few steps to the corner,
Few breaths away
From the lips.

Let’s complete that,
Forgotten kisses left untouched.
This moon shine
Would touch Us inseparable.


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