Novellete: Breaking Up 7

Scene 7: Build Up

What more satisfying was she had break up, than keeping me in despair. On one end, I was glad because she might be feeling same as I had felt after break up. However, there was still an aroma, somewhere in the corner of the heart, which climbed again. In addition to it, Mind was barging away the appetite of having her back in the life. In any case, my life might be damned again. All I was saying was control, F*%^ control Rachit yourself.

“Start talking again, you self-centred moron.” Heart rolled me in.

“Don’t dare to ping her, or call her.” Mind responded.

“Will you both please shut up? I am trying to concentrate to study.” I had put myself ahead, while going through the trigonometry problems for the fourth time in a row. Nevertheless, Mind and heart went on whispering about her.

“She is alone dude. Her sister is married now. She broke up again.” Mind pointed out his views. “She is looking for the shoulder to cry or possibly a time-pass.”

“Alright, still I get a chance to make my move this time.” Heart replied. Obviously, Heart won the argument.

A couple of days later, we started getting back to normal chatting. I pinged, she replied. She texted, I responded. I was somewhat happy again. However, I was surprised to fell in love again, carefully this time. Dil Sambhalja Zara Fir Mohabbat Karne Chala hai Tu! Hail Bollywood Serial Kisser for coming up with this song in a Movie.

“You know what, we should start jogging again.” She pinged.

“Ahh, I would love to. But for the time, I can’t.” I replied.

“Left foot is still banded. I can’t put on shoes.”

“Okay.” She replied. “Acha, tell me one thing, tumne jogging par aana mere Boyfriend key wajah se chhoda tha na?”

“Arey, I told you that time as well I had an accident. I am still limping because of bandage.” I replied with a shock as she came up with such question. “But why have you asked me this?”

“I was told by my ex-boyfriend” she replied, “that you would not come for jogging when you would be told about him”

“Aahaann, he was great at planning things.”

Ye accident usi ka plan kia hua lagta hai.” I pinged.

“Lol” she laughed.

One cannot be thrown out of Heart that is true. However, there is another fact; Mind is also obsessed with that one. That is the moment, when heart and mind either accord or discord.

I never asked her of relationships, and I never intended to. Geet and I were always into the agreement where past should not be discussed, even when we were friends. However, she had told me of her last relationship. One night she was hurt and called me.

“Hi Rishh, How are you? What you doing?” she said in a heavy breathe.

“Hey Geet. I am good.” I heard her sobbing. “What happened to you dear?” I asked her. I listened. I consoled her. After a while, she got normal. I was happy that she called me in her distress. To comfort her, I asked her for Lunch and boozing at my place.

“And what about your parents and di?” she asked me.

“Ahh, don’t worry yaar. My parents have gone to Punjab, and di will go out to meet her friends.” I chuckled. She agreed and scheduled to meet at 1 PM.

The plan was confirmed, but there was a problem. I did not know if di had any plan for that Saturday Afternoon. Therefore, in any case, I had to convince di to go out or at least not to bother me when Geet would at home.

“Di, what’s your plan for tomorrow afternoon?” I knew anyhow she would settle for some money in exchange, and therefore, I pointed out to her afternoon plan directly.

“Aahaan, where are you going tomorrow?” she spoke. “As of now, I don’t have any plan.”

“No. I am not going anywhere. But why don’t you plan something.” I tried to get her a plan. “Probably, Lisha and Shinu are free for some fun. Come on, get up and call on them.” I handed over her phone, while she was having a mysterious smile. She got me, and I spilled out my plan.

Oye, Us Geet Kapoor ko ghar me kaise bula lia tune? You know how callous she was towards you,” she asked. “Scene kya hai bhai?”

“Whatever it is, People call it Love I guess. But I tell you, we are just friends.” I denied the facts, to keep the dilemma within reach of Heart and Mind. Then she, obviously, asked for some favours for later times.

“You know, great friendships are made up of distances, either Geographical or Emotional. The fact is you are friend-zoned. Be careful.” I listened to her words with silence around. “Anyways, you know what I need now.” Di said while bafflingly asking for the carrot.

“Here is Rs. 2000 for your day with fun.”

“That’s it. Come on, I need somewhere around Rs. 5000.”

“Oh come on, Okay last price Rs. 3000. That’s it.” Finally, we were at concord. A night prior to tryst, I convinced my heart and mind not to play hard with thoughts. Heart makes me fall and mind makes me fool. However, heart detests people and mind qualms people.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Please read the previous scenes to stay in flow with the story. This story is coming to an end. Wait for it.

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2 thoughts on “Novellete: Breaking Up 7

  1. Sarcastic_Ravan says:

    Man!!! where are you heading bro!! i mean once she has friendzoned him why the hell he’s trying to get involved again!!! my view is clearly saying he’s doing chutiyapa!! sorry that’s just my way of thinking..if i were be Rishh i would have gone out of this shit already!!

    Liked by 1 person

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