Novellete: Breaking Up 6

Scene 6: Turn Around

“I am seeing someone else right now and I wanted to share it with you.” She said. I did not mouth anything. Deep in me, I was execrable, broken into pieces. We looked at one another. I smiled outside. I handed her the package. As I promised, we would be same no matter what happened. She was expecting me to say something.

“Nice. Good for you.” That was what I could say. I did not ask her anything else. I made steps to cab. We smiled again, and she thanked me again.

Two blocks ahead, I reached my home. Mehak di was expecting Bengali Cotton Saree. However, I could not show up with the gift. Rather with a smile of tiredness squeezed in sadness.

People keep promises alive. Nevertheless, do they really mean it? I did not know. I tried. Success of the words dependent on days lay ahead. Even after such relationship update from her, we kept on meeting for next 5 days for jogging, until my accident.

What I remember of that day is she was in my mind when I was driving. Riding at the average speed, when I did not realise a Santro hit me from the right. The driver could not manage his speed and dragged me as I was trying to get out my right leg wedged between car and bike. I lost my awareness. Next, I woke up in Hospital.

Rishh, are you alright?” she called me when I updated my whatsapp status about the accident.

“I do not know. But Mom seemed troubled and doctor on my left does not have anything to say.” I joked.

“Shut up. Now tell me, Major Accident to nahi hai na?” she asked further.

“Yeah, left leg is cracked, and some stitches on hand. The rest is in one piece.” I joked further.

“Oh, my God! Why did you not tell me before?” She was concerned.

“I did not want to be troublesome for you.”

“Come on. You should have. But, do not worry. You will be fine. Keep me posted.”

Days passed sluggish. I could not move. All I had, was leave from the office, troubled parents because of me, and concerned sister.

“You mayhap are looking for some books to read.” Mehak di teased when I was struggling with Television remote.

Umm, you could have helped me. But I guess I would rather prefer a pen and paper, and you by side.” I said

“I am with you my dear.” Di smiled and picked a pen and register on the table. “What are you planning to write?” she asked further.

“I don’t know. But I think scripting poems will help me.”

The instinct of writing up started back then. For the matter of my skills in it, I am still not sure if anything good I had done, starting scripting. Mehak di always insisted me to start writing. In addition to it, I thought of working on her advice, trying for SSC or IAS.

Over the bed rest period, I changed my career goals. I took up government jobs. I sent a resignation letter to my Manager. With all clarifications, I was relieved from by March of 2013. With that relieve, I picked up some books for entrance preparation for government jobs. However, deep in me, my heart tortured me with “what if” category of questions.

“What if you won’t clear it, you already resigned from the company where you were an upcoming star performer.” My heart lashed many other questions.

“Yeah, I know. But you know one thing; this decision is way more effective than that Geet.” Mind replied rudely. “And, if I work, I am sure I will get into IAS.” The fragile heart shook. Di already had applied on my behalf for SSC three months back. That means in all cases, I had to study as the exam was on 19th May of the same year.

Mugging all the latest affairs and far-known history, known formulas, and quickest ways to solve a question, I reached my centre. That was a lucky day, after 3 hours of last hour tension; I survived the 200 questions, managed to solve most of them and correctly.

“So, what are you going to do now after your exam is over and TIER 2 is as of now after 2 months?” Di asked.

“Perhaps I will start FB and blogging again, which I had abandoned.” I responded while logging in to Facebook.

“’Abandoned’, that’s so unnatural of you. Was that because of your splendid girl?” she encountered.

Ahh Ouch. That hurts. Where have you come up with this?” I encountered while I checked the notifications lined up in numbers. “I don’t think of her anymore, Period.” I chuckled. I checked her Facebook updates.

Facebook is another tool, where you can make a person jealous or feel miserable. Geet updated Pooja di’s wedding pictures. Pooja was looking wonderful in the pictures, and so was Geet. I never met Geet’s sister Pooja but I knew a bit of her.

I never wanted to disturb her with my pings, even though ‘Last seen at’ of Whatsapp kept me aware about her time. However, Heart compelled me to send at least some forward jokes and messages. I did a few, and so she replied after hours with another once or twice.

“Congrats” I pinged her a few nights later of Pooja di wedding.

“Thanks Rishh.” This time she replied in seconds. “How are you? Long time no see, no talk. Everything is ok?” she pinged further.

“I’m good. Just got busy with books.”

“Books. Tum fir se padhne lage?”

Yeahh… Left my job and trying my hand in Government jobs and writing stuff.”

“Writing… oh yes, you are good at it. You should take it as a full time job.” She replied further.

“What about you? Everything is fine on your side.”

Yeahh… But I realised Love is not for me. I broke up a month back. Now I am just a free bird again.” She teased. On her reply, heart and mind were back into the business of what they are good at all the time, especially while approaching ‘Love’.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Please read the previous scenes to stay in flow with the story. Previously Scene 5: Travelling


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