Novellete: Breaking Up 2

Scene 2: Hang Over

The night you break up, you have no idea what to do. That routine of picking up the phone and dialling up 10 beautiful digits to the sweet voice breaks down. That Friday night after some rounds of whiskey and tequila, Sameer dropped me at home. Somehow, I managed to hide my emotions in front of them. However, at home, I had to hide my breath of many pegs of whiskey and tequila. By the way, that night I realized that I could easily handle eight pegs. But that might be because of that odd night.

Without giving any hint of my being drunk, I told mother that I had dinner with friends and I was tired that night. Surprisingly, there were not any counter questions and I moved to my room. Besides this, I do not remember much of that night.

On Saturday morning, I had nothing but to handle a few questions about the break up to myself. Many a question popped up that morning. My mind and Heart played “Who wants to be a Millionaire” of its own kind.

“She must be having some second thoughts, and that’s why she broke up with you.” My mind was interrogating my heart. “Nahin toh itni jaldi aaj kal market me mobile bhi nahi aata.” My mind helped me to get out of a hangover.

With those aloof thoughts, I woke up. Recollecting what happened last night, I checked my mobile for around 10 times. It did not have “any sign” showing a new message from Geet.

As Paulo Coehlo said, “Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.” We both believed in this concept. But after a while, I did not know what prompted me.

After making a few steps on the phone, I opened Whatsapp and wished her morning. I did not get any reply from her. I was sure she would not. Still “Dil hai ke manta nahin”.

“Wake up beta. Get ready for the breakfast.” Mom said. She baked dosas for the morning. When everything falls apart, only food can reconnect you. Hard Drinks pour out your heart, but Hot Food makes you stand against problems.

I did not answer her that moment, but I knew the food was going to clean my head for a while. On this, heart nodded positively and I rushed for a bath.

I know people who are good bathroom singers, but I am Eccentric. I do “thought processing” while bathing. In spite of that, that day, my heart and mind looked for another round of grapple.

“Shut up thought mangler.” the soft heart said in a hard voice. “Give some time to her, Geet will be back. Don’t spoil your day.” Heart added further.

On the dining table, debate continued even further. Both Heart and Mind were putting forward their points on the last night event. Along with this debate, bad side of me was brushing up all days she and I had.

“Wow mom, Dosas are really awesome. I did not know you cook so well”, I said jokingly to mother with a crooked smile.

As soon as I finished, I rushed back and grabbed my phone. Still, there was not any message. I checked Whatsapp again.

“Last seen today at 11:59 am,” I said to myself. “That means she was online a minute ago, and still she ignored me. What the F@$k”. Then I threw my phone back.

For the next few hours, I tried to keep myself busy with the laptop and some random thoughts. However, in every an hour, I checked Whatsapp as well. This Real Time Messaging System was supposed to make conversations fast. Unfortunately, Whatsapp is at times a major reason for more disturbing thoughts.

That day, I did not realize the time, it was almost 1 am at night. I tried to sleep, still thinking of her. The way she smiles, teases me, calls me “Rish”. I could not help but smile and sulk at the same time. I did not know when I fell asleep.

Out of nowhere, my mobile chirped which woke me up. I pleaded badly it should be she. “Please God!” Heart murmured in a sleepy voice.

What I saw was something that made my eyes wet. Yes, it was her message. For a moment, my world stopped there. I did not want to read her reply, however, her message was enough. I gathered the courage to see what it was.

It said “Hey. I do not want to hurt you more, but I do not want to talk about what had happened last night. I do not see anything ahead. I think we just need to be friends.” My world shattered again and I could not reply.

Aye Musafiro,
Batana agar pata chale ke dil tuta hai mera,
Naya hun is raah par,
Gulfam, Mujhe chhuapana nahi aata.”
                                                              – Gulfam

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Scene three: Office will be published next week.


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