Novellete: Breaking Up 1

Scene 1: Friday Night

The moment you get to know that you are truly committed, there is an equal chance of losing your partner. Daily texting to your sweetheart, never guarantee a pure love between you two. Trust and Understanding are the major ingredient in Love Recipe.  I did not know that would happen to me in a short time. I thought life was turning towards a Sunrise, but certainly, it returned to the mode of sunset.

It was another Friday, which later turned F*cked Up Friday. I got off early from the office and so I planned for Friday boozing with friends. Friday night means a night of Freedom, the next day you do not have your Boss right over your head to shout about Targets and weird stuffs.

“You don’t have to go through the list all the time. You know what you want. So, just order… Damn it.” Raj said to Sameer.

“Let’s order 2 pegs of Blender’s for each. Rest Sameer and Shaurya can have beer. What do you say?” I asked.

“Perfect.” Yuvi replied.

Besides, girls, our gang have two other hot topics to chat about, One which makes our day hell, that is our boss, and the other is Party, rather I should specify to Daaru. Pocket Bar at Netaji Subhash Place is like the Central Park of FRIENDS for us.

“I heard something interesting about you Shaurya.” Sameer said. “Suna hai shehar me koi naya chand aaya hai, jise dekh tera chehra khil aaya hai. What’s the story of Minakshi?” he continued.

Arey, it’s nothing. It’s an old story with new packing. Rest you guys know you’re.” Shaurya replied, sipping his beer.

In a meanwhile, my mobile danced silently. “I got a ping from Geet. Damn it, I forgot to reply her before leaving office.” I said to myself.

“Where the f*ck are you? Why aren’t you replying me?” She was shouting through her words in her ping.

Nothing other than an apology, I was eligible to ask for from her. Therefore, I immediately replied her.  In her revert, I did not get nothing but another round of F*3ki$ odd words.

“I am really sorry Chaan, please forgive me. It won’t happen again.” I pinged again, while others kept on laughing at a joke or two cracked up right then.

“B*%nCh@#D, are you going to keep your peg for home or what?” Yuvi asked seriously, as all others were waiting for another peg. Without any break, I took the full glass in one go and kept other four rub their eyes for a while.

“Excuse Me; please get tequila shots for aahhh…” I stopped. “Who wants to have two flaming shots of tequila?” I asked others in between the order. Well, no one raised voice, but Raj and Yuvi applauded my thought.

After two pegs, nothing was dizzy. However, in between our fun day, I was trying to convince my girl, not an easy task to go through. Then, she texted me a last message stating, “I think we should have some time for our better relation. I know you love me, but still let us just break for a while. Bye and Please don’t text me.” I did not have anything to say, but to accept her request.

I did not know how the Bar manager realized my mood, and the bar was humming an awesome song “I’m Still Loving You” by The Scorpions. However, I did not utter a word.

“Don’t worry Sameer. You will get one very soon.” Shaurya said. Later I realized I had missed half of the conversation with my pals that night.

Heera hai tu humara.” Yuvi said to console him on his break up with Priya. “Aur Heere ki pehchan ke liye, koi badia Johari dhundna padega.” He continued.

Johari hi dhundio, koi “Karan” Johar mat dhundh liyo.” Raj added.

“Don’t worry brother. Heera koyle ki khan se nikal ke Johari ke pass jaata hai, na ki Johar ki Jaang pe” and there Sameer replied.

Oye hoye, Dialogue.” I said to get involved, while looking for my second tequila shot.

The hazing light of the bar was demanding us to order for another round. The good thing about that bar was it made everyone open. Nevertheless, it could not pour me out that night. The relationship does not happen over a night. It requires time and trust. Two people when enters a relationship, they also get packed into trust and love. Anyways, it was a night of new relations, break ups and some on hold.

Note: Breaking up is a Short Story I wrote once. I hope you like it. Scene two will be published soon.


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