28 Things That Happen When You First Move To London

I always dream of moving to London. This City has lots of history to read. I have packed many times plane for London. But then I wake up every time because of the quiver of Taxi. Anyway, Madison’s 28 points will help me to plan for London again.

Thought Catalog


1. You will notice that, yes, it rains a lot, meaning that after a particularly downpourious day there will be no greater feeling to you than the luxury of dry feet.

2. You will knock on death’s door probably 25 times before you finally learn to look in the right direction for oncoming traffic.

3. Even though this is an English-speaking country there will be select moments where the words people use for things will confuse you completely. THEY’RE NOT CHIPS, THEY’RE FRENCH FRIES. SORRY, ENGLISH PEOPLE.

4. When friends visit you in your new home you will act like you are soooo cool, like you have been here forever. You will take them to the like 3 places you have actually been.

5. On a swelteringly hot day you will make the risky decision to take the tube and you will step into the train anticipating air…

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