In Search of A Smile

Long back, he met her once.
Since then, he looked for her,
Whenever he had taken roads.
But a few smiles after,
He never found her.
Days changed, Months changed,
Seasons changed, he always had a bad luck.
But one day, he came across her.
He said, she smiled.
She replied, he looked into her eyes.
To find another smile for days,
They took a walk.
On the street, next to a park,
He found a poetry.
He recited it with all his heart,
And she smiled again. They found it.

One night, under the stars;
They felt the breeze of one another.
She never knew what it felt,
But her eyes said it all.
There was not any night,
When she did not hear herself in his voice.
She listened to his voice of listening to her.

A few sun shines and moonlights later,
Rock crushed the flower
Of their daily dose of smile.
She asked for the smile
And he forgot to deliver with his words.
She dropped her love for the smile,
He discontinued his play with words.
The pact of trust lost
Without any apologies.
But memories still tries to
Make space for smiles with tears.


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