Old Wooden Chair

Away from the hustle bustle of city life, there were many peacefully planned houses, lying amidst the serenity of mother nature. A range of houses set up in a row-wise fashion, were prominent here. All colourful and vibrantly painted, the one at end had a mystic a brown shade. With a well manicured green lawn, the yard also had a large tree at the center. Daffodils and Lillie bloomed in the far corner of the lawn, where bees and butterflies fluttered with elan. They intended to live for rest of the life; sipping tea, looking at the birds and romancing the winds.

She was charmed by the balcony opening to the sunrise, while he fell for the price, which was lesser than the market rate. Without any doubts, they shifted in. Setting up the new house and making it a home, was something they always dreamed of.

But there was an uninvited guest in the newly painted sky blue hall. That night, the old wooden chair in that corner rocked.


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