To be Legal, I went Anti-Legal

“Keep Quite.” commanded the invigilator. He was sitting on his chair, busy with his phone and some papers, during the law entrance examination of Delhi University. He was supposed to invigilate candidates writing their examination.I was sitting exactly in front of him. I had read all the questions and tried few. The paper was easy enough to solve it. But there was something disturbing me. I had passed half of the time thinking about it.

Three days ago,

Sitting next to him. Mr. Vinay, a trainer in the election department of North Delhi Region, would help me in clearing the Law entrance examination. My dad was also there. He was supposed to pay his cheating fees. I was confident that Mr. Vinay would tell the easiest way to clear the examination, but as per him and many others, the easiest way is study hard.

Mr. Vinay was young and had a clear face cuts as I do. My dad asked him to write my examination, instead of I go. He refused this deal, even dad was offering a good amount for all this job. He said that he could not risk his government job. We did not have any other option but to accept his deal. I had to clear this time. I couldn’t bear another year at home, doing nothing.

“You need to take a mobile with you in the examination hall. Just buy a cricket spotter and keep your mobile in it.” Mr. Vinay said.

“Won’t it be visible to others, plus what would be the use of it. I can take it with me in hand.” I inquired.

“No, it won’t be visible to anyone. Lots of students have tried this before. You would get a message from me on your mobile, which would have all the answers.” he replied.

“You sure that will be safe for the my career ahead.” I asked further.

“Touch wood, no one is caught so far. No one would ask it. Just be brave while doing all this.”

“What do you mean by ‘be brave’? Had I been not brave enough, I would not have asked for you.” I replied in aggression.

“What do you think, Vinit? You sure you can make it.” Dad was concerned.

“I don’t know. I never have done this before.” I was not able to make up my mind.

“If you would have done this before, you were not sitting here. Just make up your mind and I want a positive nod.” Dad said.

Back to examination hall:

Around 11.30 AM, as expected, I got two messages on phone, hidden in my supporter with a pen and a piece of paper. And the vibration of the message made me more uneasy. I was so frighten that I was not able to ask to go for washroom as planned. Some how after 10 minutes, I asked the invigilator collecting all the power and showing as if I really want to go washroom.

“Sirji, can I go to washroom? I am not feeling well. Just for 2 minutes.”

“Okay, but come back as soon as possible.” he said. He was still busy with his papers.

I just stepped out of the desk, the invigilator called me.

“Oh man, you are gone.” said frighten inside me.

“Please turn your examination sheet upside down and other material on the desk. I’m sure you don’t need them there.” he instructed.

“Turn around the answer sheet. He must be joking. I have not done anything on it so far.” My inside smiled.

“Oh yes sir.” I said and took a breath of relief.

I moved out of the room and went straight to other end. I went into the washroom and bolted it. With my hands shaking, I took out mobile, paper and pen. There were two messages, as told by Mr. Vinay. I wrote all the options on that paper.

After writing all the options, I wore my jeans and wiped out the sweat. I walked out of the washroom and walking few steps ahead, there was water cooler. After drinking water, I was still shivering because the main job was to copy the options on OMR sheet.

“Hey, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in your hall.” asked a senior invigilator in high volume.

“Sirrrr, I just went to washroom. I was not…” I was saying and then he interrupted again.

“Who allowed you? Take me to him and what is your room number.” he asked in higher pitch.

“Room number 10 sir.” I said. “Sir, I was not feeling well thats why invigilator allowed me for a minute.” I continued.

“Okay, let’s go to your room.” he said. (now in normal pitch)

He accompanied me to my hall. I directly move to my desk. The invigilator looked at me as if I was the culprit and he will command the death sentence for getting the senior in the room.

“Sir, why did you allow him to go out?” the senior asked.

“He was not feeling well, Sir. Should I check him, if you have any doubt in him?” he said and the moment he asked, my heart was almost in my neck.

“No, no. Its okay.” the senior said.

I still had that paper with me. I took a deep breath and took that paper out of the pocket safely. Now, I had to be more cautious. The paper was small but could be visible from other corner of the room. Since the senior had visited room once, invigilator was active then before.

With just 30 minutes remaining, I copied all the options on the question paper and then I started coping them to the OMR sheet.

I don’t know what I did was right or wrong, but it was unethical for my career to start. I cleared the entrance examination of Law. I am going to be a part of the Judiciary System of India very soon. But I can’t forget this cheating. The cheating which could end up in Jail before I start learning about Indian Penal Codes.

Note:: This story is fictitious. It does not have any resemblance to any living or death person.


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